An authoring interface made for teachers

Make interactive content authoring accessible, quick, and easy for teachers with a purpose-built interface that simplifies the entire content creation process.

Purpose-built for ease-of-use

The teacher authoring interface focuses on the questions and features most widely used by teachers, thereby streamlining the creation process. This gives teachers the ability to quickly tailor content to their students without having to manoeuvre their way through features that they don’t need.

Customize the interface for a better authoring experience

Easily customize teacher authoring to suit the needs of educators at all levels of technical competence. Tailor layouts, simplify the authoring interface by removing features that are surplus to requirements, or add more to support in-depth content creation.

Rich multimedia and easy sharing

The teacher authoring interface makes it easy for teachers to fully express their knowledge and expertise by allowing them to easily add rich, customized media to their content, which they can then effortlessly share with others across their institution or organization.

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