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Hints, distractors and sample answers

Powerful reporting for any group size

Summarize, explore, and compare results for any group of students you choose to define, whether schools, departments, courses, geographic or demographic groups – from small classes right up to hundreds of thousands of students and millions of tests.

Large group reporting

Get meaningful insights, comparisons, and analysis for any group of learners. Built to perform at scale, Learnosity's aggregate reports is a sophisticated set of tools that can harness data from millions of assessments and provide browsable results through neatly summarized custom-defined groups.

You can view overview statistics for each student group including mean, median, percentiles, standard deviation, and more. Explore, browse, and drill down to compare results between groups or individual students. You can also retrieve raw data for any level of the group hierarchy to build custom reports, dashboards, and comparisons.

The data recorded can be used for student reporting, comparative performance, and validating the effectiveness of your exam content.

Custom user groupings

Group and regroup users into any cohort you can define. You can easily regenerate new groupings at any time.

Statistical analysis

Calculate mean, median, percentile scores, standard deviation, and a whole host of statistical measures for each grouping.

Light and effective

Browse and compare results in browser and on mobile. Built for speed so your products stay snappy.

Style and extend

Restyle and extend our drill-down reports with your own custom events, summaries, and detailed views.

Remix your reports

Reuse the same data to create brand-new reports and visualizations for rich feedback to students, teachers, and senior stakeholders.

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