Engage all ability levels with computer adaptive testing

Keep assessments on the right side of challenging for all learners with question difficulty that automatically adapts to individual student ability or expertise.

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Computer adaptive testing

Avoid student disengagement or frustration by delivering questions that keep students thinking. Learnosity offers two types of dynamic assessment features – computer adaptive testing and branching.

In computer adaptive assessments, items are dynamically selected and delivered to students based on how they’re performing in any given test. Each student response feeds back into an algorithm, which continues to refine its student ability estimate accuracy. The algorithm then creates a target difficulty for the next item, thereby maintaining a level of test difficulty that supports learning by successively guiding students along the path to progress.

Bring-your-own adaptive algorithms

Our technology is designed to help your product stand out from the crowd. With our support for custom adaptive algorithms, you can now have student responses scored by Learnosity and passed to your system to calculate the next Item for us to deliver

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