In-depth reporting on content quality

Give content authors the insights they need to better understand how effective their content is and how it aligns with overall learning objectives.

Item analysis

Learnosity’s item analysis reporting allows content authors and managers to run detailed reports on the health and effectiveness of their content through Learnosity Console, a self-service tool to analyze and optimize how you use Learnosity.

From large-scale analysis of entire item banks and sessions to more focused analysis of single assessments and specific sessions, items analysis provides actionable insights in the following areas:

Performance of individual questions

Using difficulty (p-value) and discrimination index.

Identification of misleading or misconfigured questions

By analyzing your item analysis results you can see when an item might need attention if students are not attempting the question or no students are getting it correct.

Engagement and usage of questions across an item bank

Compare and contrast your highest performing items and take action to optimize your content.

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