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No-nonsense answers to some of the questions we get asked the most.

Last week, the Learnosity team set up shop at the prestigious ASU+GSV Summit, one of the year’s largest gatherings of the movers and shakers in education, training, and technology.

It was an ideas-rich event with a list of guest speakers that was impressively eclectic, with the likes of Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Anant Agarwal, Magic Johnson, George Bush Jnr., Matthew McConaughey, and Common in attendance.

Though that might sound like a dinner party line-up that got out of hand, the mix worked pretty well. And considering the impact that education and technology have on us all, why wouldn’t it?

Of course, another common denominator was innovation in learning: how can we improve how people learn? What should school be? What is the role of edtech in supporting continuous learning?

We spoke to lots of people over the three days and that same probing curiosity was evident in the many conversations we had with fellow innovators and product owners.

Though the team was asked a whole bunch of questions, there were several that popped up time and again. So we’ve put them together here and given our answers the no-nonsense treatment.

Some common questions

What does Learnosity do?

We do assessment technology. Learnosity is a fully customizable, white-labeled B2B assessment software that’s designed to plug into your existing system and offer in-depth authoring, assessment, and analytics capabilities. Our large team of talented engineers work round the clock (we’ve offices in Ireland, the US, and Australia) to ensure rock-solid performance at massive scale.

As they say, the numbers don’t lie.

  • Over 6.5 million monthly active users
  • Over 1 billion questions delivered in the last 12 months
  • Minimum uptime of 99.8%

Who is Learnosity for?

Because our technology is built for flexibility, speedy integration, and performance at scale, Learnosity is perfect for product owners and publishers in education and corporate training.

How long does it take to integrate Learnosity?

Thanks to our suite of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for authoring, assessment, and analytics, our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems, whether old or new. Many clients get up and running within a week.*

(* Your mileage may vary!)

How long does it take to build a product using Learnosity?

How long it takes really depends on what you want to build and what kinds of resources you have available. Some clients have been able to build a full product in just a few weeks, while others took several months. (Note: three of our developers managed to build one from scratch in a single day as part of a hack day project!) While timelines may rely on certain variables, we’re extremely confident that Learnosity will increase your product’s speed to market significantly.

Does Learnosity create content?

Our expertise is in building game-changing assessment technology. While we don’t create assessment content, we have partnered with a number of leading educational content creators who use Learnosity to produce bespoke interactive assessments for learners of all levels.

Who owns the data Learnosity collects?

If you’re a client, the short answer is that you do. Learnosity keeps your data safe by storing it on secure servers in a number of locations around the world. While we mind it as if it were our own, it’s most definitely not: We don’t store any personally identifiable information (PII)  and your data is always yours to control, access, or retrieve any time you like using our Data API.

How much does Learnosity cost?

We’re big on adding value over cost. For less than the annual salary of a skilled developer, Learnosity will provide you with a product that’s been fine-tuned over the last 5 years by a team of over 50 engineers who continue to make incredible new advances on what it can do. (In the last year alone, we shipped 450 new features.) We offer transactional pricing so that you only pay for what you use. Building better always costs less when you buy better.

How can I see a demo?

Learnosity is mainly for developers. We make all our code available on our demo site, where you can get a feel for our products by creating questions and assessments without needing login credentials. You can access our interactive demos here. For a more in-depth walkthrough, simply get in touch with us at

Straight talking

It’s always tough to give specific answers because no two clients are the same. Each has its unique circumstances, needs, and goals. That’s why we treat all our customers with the care and attention they deserve. From product integration to support and training, we tailor our service to allow you to get the most from using Learnosity’s powerful assessment technology.

Our view is that we succeed when you do. So if you want in-depth answers that are specific to your organization’s needs, then get in touch and we’ll happily guide you through.

Micheál Heffernan

Senior Editor

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