Wisewire specializes in providing assessments tailored to the individual needs of K-12 schools and publishers. Utilizing our network of 2,500 learning science and content experts, we work with our partners to produce assessments to meet the objectives and goals that they have.

Our team consists of world-class learning science experts, data scientists, learning architects, interaction designers, authors, and subject matter experts who understand how to create meaningful learning experiences for students of all ages.

Quick Facts

Custom multiple choice and TEI assessments
Innovative, evidence-centered item assessments to engage students at conceptual and strategic levels of thinking and to prepare them for the rigors of high-stakes assessment.

Scaffolded with hints and feedback
Give students in-item support by adding detailed hints or feedback. For students needing more guidance, add scaffolding and additional practice so they can gradually work their way up from simple to more complex questions.

Learning science focused
We are focused on the scientific understanding of learning in order to design and implement learning innovations and to improve instructional methodologies.

Ability to mimic high-stakes test item types
While high-stake tests come in many forms and are used for a wide variety of purposes, our content is developed with the ability to mimic any form of these tests.

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