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Whether your vision involves personalized learning, blended instruction, establishing a high performing virtual program or a focus on student safety, Spider Learning has a curriculum solution that can bring your vision to reality!

Our consistent lesson structure, unique assessment strategy and data collection methodology, coupled with our researched based instructional design and Continuous Curriculum Improvement Cycle (CCIC) ensure curricular resources that meet the needs of the modern student and teacher.

Quick Facts

Research driven design
Inspired by Gagne’s 9 Events of Instruction, Cognitive Theory, and the Impact of Technology Enhanced Items, Spider Learning has developed a highly engaging and interactive instructional experience for students and teachers.

Simulated guided practice
The use of TEIs ensure continuous student engagement by supplementing the experience with strategic hints and feedback based off student responses. Distractor rationale, where appropriate, simulates guided practice unlike any other online curriculum.

Interactive media
The design of our interactive instructional media encourages educational segmenting, allowing users to control the flow of information, and ensuring that they have enough time to process each concept before moving on to the next section of the lesson.

Continuous curriculum improvement cycle
Data is collected before, during, and after each student engages with the instructional content, so that the effectiveness of the individual components can be continuously evaluated and adjusted as necessary.

Student agency
Our online content empowers students to have an influence on their path to mastery both by providing a varied array of instructional resources and by ensuring that students are aware of their own learning process.

Data driven
As students work through every lesson in our coursework, we collect a minimum of 15 performance-based data points. We do this with the strategic use of TEIs, which not only encourage thoughtful responses but eliminate the false positives that can result from guessing.

Live Preview

Preview a selection of items created by Spider Learning in Learnosity.


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