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Language Confidence

Language Confidence is a world-leader in AI-powered, automated assessment of spoken English. We’ve partnered with Learnosity to offer the power of our AI to Learnosity’s clients, enabling the enhancement of both the learning and testing of spoken English through the Learnosity platform for a wide range of use cases, demographics and geographies.

Quick Facts

Scripted & unscripted speech assessment

Our AI offers an assessment of prompted (Scripted) and spontaneous (Unscripted) speech, suiting your needs.

Detailed assessment

Our AI generated feedback on pronunciation and reading fluency for Read-Aloud assessment. Whereas for Unscripted assessment, our AI generates feedback on relevancy, the transcript of what was said, pronunciation, speaking fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

Real-time responses

Our APIs generated detailed responses in only a matter of seconds.

Partnership with Oxford Languages

We’ve partnered with Oxford Languages, a department of Oxford University Press, integrating the US and UK Oxford Dictionaries and co-branding our core products.

Numerous use cases

We have existing customers in the primary, secondary, tertiary, test preparation, testing, interview/job readiness spaces and more!

A report from the Language Confidence integration with Learnosity showing a breakdown of a test taker's English speaking skills.

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