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AI Testbanks

AI Testbanks uses artificial intelligence to generate thousands of quality test items from the content within textbooks, online courses, or existing test banks. Every item generated by our systems is reviewed and edited by qualified subject matter experts before being finalized. The result is significantly more test items for a fraction of the time and cost.

Quick Facts

Significantly More Test Items

When using a textbook as the source material, AI Testbanks generates 150-300 quality items per chapter on average – usually thousands of items for a given textbook. When using an existing testbank as the source material, AI Testbanks can generate 3-10 times the number of seed questions.

Significantly Less Time

Test items can usually be returned within six weeks after the seed content is provided.

Subject Matter Expertise Included

Every question generated by its algorithms is reviewed and edited by a qualified subject matter expert before being saved for client approval.

Consistent Quality Across Products and Disciplines

All of AI Testbanks questions are generated using algorithms that have been tested across thousands of scenarios. The questions are therefore highly consistent in quality.

Automatic Generation of Technology Enhanced Items

Many of the question types created by AI Testbanks are technology-enhanced items (TEI), including drag-and-drop, highlight token, and matching exercises.

Automatic Creation of Metadata

All items are automatically tagged with depth of knowledge (DOK), distractor rationale, and, when possible, learning objectives or standards.

Learnosity or QTI 2.1 Exports

All items approved by AI Testbank clients can be exported to QTI 2.1 or Learnosity formats. When using Learnosity, the new items can be automatically imported and tagged within your current bank.

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