Certica is the provider of the Navigate Item Bank™, a formative assessment item bank that includes over 94,000 expert-designed, standards-based items that measure students’ understanding and provide actionable feedback to educators. Navigate helps educators identify learning strengths and deficits and make critical instructional decisions that improve student learning.

Quick Facts

94,000+ items 
Rigorous items in math, ELA, science and social studies. Navigate supports a range of item types, including technology enhanced items, to assess standards appropriately and reflect the intent of more rigorous standards. Navigate includes a robust collection of Spanish-translated items to support English learners.

Standards alignment
The most precise learning standards alignment for all 50 states and D.C. 

Unrivaled flexibility
Educators can easily modify items to suit their classroom needs.

Rich learning metadata
Items and passages are identified with extensive metadata, including Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, allowing educators to filter and search for the specific content they need.

Pre-built assessments 
Ready-to-use assessments that reflect the new ways students are learning science, as well as pre-defined assessments in math and ELA that supportive effective teaching and learning.

Live preview
Preview a selection of Navigate items developed by Certica.

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