Measured Progress

Measured Progress offers a comprehensive set of tools that helps educators focus on students’ instructional needs, model and practice different types of assessment items, and demonstrate student growth. Our assessment content supports students to reach the higher levels of rigor expected by statewide tests and makes an impact on teaching and learning.

Quick Facts

College and Career Readiness
Built “from scratch” to college and career readiness standards—never back-aligned, retrofitted, or cloned.

Scoring Information
Provides scoring information to pinpoint student misconceptions and achieve consistent scoring.

Evidence-Centered Design
Follows the principles of universal and evidence-centered design to elicit specific evidence of student learning.

Authentic Reading Passages
Includes authentic reading passages, all with Lexile levels.

Advanced Item Types
Supports a wide range of item types, including performance tasks and technology-enhanced items.

Certified WebAlign Partner
Meets the high levels of rigor outlined in learning expectations, as a certified WebAlign partner using the DOK framework.

Live Preview

Preview a selection of the Measured Progress item bank within Learnosity.

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