Inkerz transfers pen and paper writing to a webpage. It enables any industry to offer pen and paper writing services using the Inkerz InkPen and Digital Paper.


The Inkerz InkPen is a digital pen with refillable ink. InkPen comes with a small receiver that can be attached to any paper. This device captures and displays pen strokes in real-time on a web page

Digital Paper

Adding handwriting technology to your current collaboration software is not easy. The Inkerz Digital PaperAPIs gives you access to our InkPen technology so you can focus your resources to optimise user experience.

Quick Facts

Live collaboration
Enables participants to work together via video through an intuitive InkPen on paper to collaborate within a shared whiteboard.

Save and share your files
Work on a private whiteboard with the ability to save and share your work with your classmates and peers.

Interact with multiple users
Simultaneously instruct an entire group and facilitate group interactions.

Review your content
Record your annotations, voice and video for later use or share it with your peers.

Inkerz in action


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