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Amid greater expectations of rigor and a deeper engagement with content and technology, students need exposure to quality content and next generation assessment item types. They get it with the Continuum Assessments™ Item Bank.

Real-time student achievement snapshot
With more than 65,000 items, the Continuum Item Bank provides a snapshot of student achievement at a given point in time. Over time, these snapshots help educators create a photo album that provides a more complete picture of student achievement through the school year.

Assessments made easy for educators
The Continuum Item Bank enables educators to assess students from Grades K–12 and across the four core subject areas: ELA and Math (Common Core and state alignments), Science (including Next Generation Science Standards), and Social Studies.

Quick Facts

Increase Student Achievement
Test items and results inform curricular decisions that help ensure students are on track to college and career readiness.

Many items take advantage of Learnosity’s Technology-Enhanced Item types.

Flexible Item Bank
With over 65,000 items covering ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies for Grades K-12, teachers can create classroom assessments, or districts can create custom benchmarks.

Metadata to Guide Instruction
Items include Bloom’s Taxonomy, cognitive levels, Lexile levels (passages), distractor rationales (multiple choice), and scoring rubrics (constructed response and performance task).

Continuum Assessments

Live Preview

Preview a selection of the Continuum Assessments™ Item Bank within Learnosity.

ELA Grade 1

ELA Grade 5

ELA Grade 8

Math Grade 1

Math Grade 5

Math Grade 8

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