Assessment takes time. Make that time count by using assessment content that address’s college and career-ready standards, provides information so teachers can address instructional shifts, and gives students opportunities to experience a wide range of interactivity.

Fluence Products

CCR Content Bank
Our native college- and career-ready assessment content for math and ELA in grades 2 through high school includes more than 38,000 items and 1,500 complex texts.

CCR Quick Checks
The 636 fixed-form Quick Checks from Fluence address the key instructional concepts embedded in college- and career-ready standards (clusters for math, staircase of text complexity for ELA).

NGSS Formative Assessments
Address the three dimensions of science learning in the context of course models described in new science frameworks.

SBAC Block Mirror Assessments
These 81 pre-built assessments adhere to SBAC item specs and IAB blueprints. Versions are available for non SBAC states.

Live Preview

Preview a selection of Math, NGS Science and English items created by Fluence.

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