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CenterPoint puts Learnosity at the core of its assessment offering

With a product launch fast approaching, CenterPoint looked to Learnosity to power its product, quickly.

A non-profit that partners with states, districts, schools, and organizations to develop high-quality curricula and assessments, CenterPoint Education Solutions’ mission to support educators and promote student equity is built on a solid foundation of quality and simplicity.

“CenterPoint creates assessments by educators for educators, designed with equity and access in mind. This is an essential part of our vision and reflects who we are as educators and the impact we strive to make for all students,” says Dr. Bonnie Hain, CenterPoint’s Chief Academic Officer. “To date, we’ve worked in 50 schools and districts and have impacted over 140,000 teachers and 1.6 million students.”

The challenge: Creating high-quality content at short notice

To better monitor student progress toward end-of-year expectations, CenterPoint offered teachers diagnostic and interim assessments that were developed by the team behind college- and career-ready state standards and the PARCC assessment. With a reputation for delivering top-quality assessment content, the demand for their services grew rapidly.

To improve its offering for its growing user base, the company decided to launch Previ Learn Assessments – a product designed to give teachers more actionable insights on student performance.

“Teachers need real-time data to make instructional decisions,” explains Zac Henrich, Director of Technology Development, “and Previ Learn was designed to provide that data.”

However, even best-laid plans can go awry. With just six months to launch, the team found that their initial technology solution was not going to meet their customer needs, meaning they had to quickly find another solution. That left two options: release a product with a platform that wasn’t ready, or find a solution that met the standards on which CenterPoint had built their reputation.

“We were racing the clock to have everything ready for back to school,” recalls Zac. “We had to make a decision whether to launch Previ Learn on our existing platform, which wasn’t ideal, or partner with Learnosity. Recognizing that our mission is to provide high-quality content, we made the decision to work with an organization that had a laser-like focus on providing world-class technology.”

Recognizing that our mission is to provide high-quality content, we made the decision to work with an organization that had a laser-like focus on providing world-class technology.
Zac Henrich Director of Technology Development, CenterPoint

The solution: Integrating superior technology at super speed

With little time to spare and limited internal engineering resources to draw from, Zac knew that product integration would be key to the project’s success.

Happily, not only did Learnosity’s high level of compatibility mean that it worked with CenterPoint’s computer adaptive testing algorithm, it also worked seamlessly with other systems so that CenterPoint’s partners could consume any new assessment content without the friction of having to export items or tackle rendering problems.

Once successfully plugged in, the CenterPoint team could quickly get down to exploring Learnosity’s plethora of features.

“The authoring interface is so intuitive,” says Zac. “It gave us the ability to create and deliver a variety of question types – all designed with accessibility in mind, which is very important to us. It was also easy to integrate the out-of-the-box reports into Previ Learn, which adds a really powerful functionality for teachers in terms of monitoring student progress over time and understanding what’s working and what isn’t.”

Given the urgency of the integration, Zac also earmarks outstanding customer support as a core part of the project’s speedy success.

“We’d already done our research on the technical features of Learnosity, but the world-class support we received was a pleasant surprise – the response time and willingness to go the extra mile for customers is exceptional.”

The results: More content, more confidence, and continuous innovation

Since integrating Learnosity, CenterPoint has increased its output of high-quality assessment content. To date, the team has added over 11,000 questions to its assessment repository, generating close to 10 million student responses.

“With so little friction on the authoring side of things, our content team has been able to create and deliver assessment questions without any steep learning curve or technical issues,” says Zac. “It instills total confidence in the technical stability of Learnosity’s platform.”

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“Another major advantage for us is that the Learnosity developers are continuously improving the product and adding new features,” he continues. “This gives us far greater scope when it comes to innovating and improving what our own product offers.”

Yet for Zac, the major result of integrating Learnosity is how much it helped the team launch their product on time and to schedule.

“Learnosity was instrumental in helping us reach an important milestone in launching a new product with a test delivery engine that was flexible, scalable, and reliable.”

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